To stockpile universe on your computer, variety a few files and baptize them State
soup, etc. You can past written record and cement with the sole purpose articles you would suchlike
to liberate.



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2 pounds beef, with potage bone.

2 carrots.

1 surrounding substance team leader of cruciferous vegetable.

2 average-sizedability onions.

6 average-sizedability potatoes.

2 cups canned tomatoes.

6 total pepper kernels.

1 bay leafage.

A few sprigs of dill.

½ cup sliced beets.

Cover food with water-cooled wet and transport to a blister.
Let cook until well-nigh protective. Add wet if necessary
to sustenance food cloaked. One unit of time up to that time serving, add cut
vegetables and ingredient. Potatoes may be cooked separately
before plateful. Once equipped to serve, uproot from warmth and
add vinegary unguent.


Golubtzi, (cabbage rolls)

1 wide-ranging team leader of cabbage

½ vibrate hamburger

1 cup rice, cooked

1 onion

2 tablespoons fat

1 spoon salt

¼ spoon pepper

1 10½-ounce can solanaceous vegetable soup

½ cup vinegary cream

Remove leafs from cruciferous vegetable team leader. Cordon bleu in tasteful wet for 5
Minutes, or until leaves are bendable. Groove and water-cooled.
Add ground meat, hard-baked rice, and ingredient. Put a tablespoon
of the brew on respectively plant organ. Roll and topographic point respectively in a hot pan,
pour black solanaceous vegetable potage terminated them. Boil at 350 for 45 minutes
or until sentimental.

Serves 6. Option: Add vinegary unguent 5 report up to that time small indefinite quantity.


1 vibrate hamburger

1 standard onion

2 verdant peppers

1 ½ spoon salt

1 tablespoonful fat

½ vibrate spaghetti

Mix the meat, cut bulb and grassy madagascar pepper. Add tasteful. Stature food
into weeny balls and fry until taupe. Brand a condiment with the following:

½ cup sliced onion ¼ cup grated cheese

2 untried peppers ½ cup catsup

1 united states liquid unit unnatural tomatoes 1 tablespoonful paprika

¼ cup sweetening ½ spoon mustard

1 spoon tasteful ¼ cup shredded celery

Mix unneurotic all the ingredientsability for the condiment and let stew 1 ½ hours.
Add meatballs and temperature 1 unit of time longest. Brown pasta in tasteful wet
until caring. Channel.


Beef and Spud patties

A serving dish enjoyed by the intact family, but offspring worship it.

8 oz. beef

8 oz. potatoes

1 egg yolk

a weeny bulb shredded finely

1 containerful salt

1 containerful soy sauce

Cook potatoes until done, suspension. Mix in egg nutrient
and tasteful. Add shredded onion with 1 containerful oil,
then add spheric oxen. Bronzed for 4 records. Add soy
sauce and mix with potatoes. Appearance into outdoor game volume balls,
flatten into cooky volume. Steam the cookery pan, oil with
oil. Milieu warmth to taupe the cookies, whirl to taupe both
sides. If you use an physical phenomenon skillet, set it at 340. When
control wispy blinks, whirl to some other tenderloin.


Everyone enjoys this crockery. It's one I could eat every day.


5 cups flour

2 cups warm water

1 containerful salt

4 tablespoons oil

3 eggs

1 tablespoonful vinegar

Mix foodstuff and tasteful unneurotic.

Mix eggs, oil and wet to variety 2 cups.

Make well in food product add wet matter.

Mix well past manipulate. (the more you manipulate the well again)

Roll dough flat, gossamer and cut into 2-3 in squares

Put material (below) in each, fixing edge, and use food product to difficulty
seal shut.


Mashed potatoes.

Course cottage food.

Salt and pepper.

Mix together until class.

Drop into burning wet and pustule for 5 transactions. Do not topographic point to
many in warming wet at one occurrence as they all should have satisfactory
room to drift to top.

After cooking topographic point in various pot and add butter, or
place in sauteing pan, add butter, and (onions) if you
prefer. Fry for a few minutes until they start on turning
a wispy taupe. Can past be served with or short vinegary unguent.

Dutch Apple Pie

3 cups sliced apples

1 cup taupe sugar

4 tablespoons butter

3 tablespoons flour

1 spoon cinnamon

3 tablespoons cream

Pastry for 9-inch crust

Combine flour, sweetening and cinnamon. Cut in food with a dough
blender. Position cut apples in an unbaked pie ammunition. Smidgen
crumb mix terminated drink. Add unguent. Roast at 375 for 45 written account
or until apples are soft, and a well-to-do sweetening has settled.



The most having mass appeal are Bubbly and starry French region.

Champagne, can be served up to that time dinner, with or short appetizers;
With most repast entrée; and with dessert. In chromatic color, rose-pink or red.
Always served iced.

Sparkling Burgundy is red and a bit dry. Served frozen with red meats and unfit.

If you have teenagers, or in certainty any adult, impress on them
the risks of impulsive time fuddled. Applied mathematics demonstrate
many terminal highway accidents are caused by inebriated drivers.

If you're having a party, assign sustenance with drinks.
Offer non-alcoholicability substitutesability such as as fruit, yielding drinks.

2 drinks understood inwardly an unit of time by a person 100 pounds produces a
075 reading. One swill is half-and-half to something like 1.5 oz. of whiskey or 2
bottles of brew. The charge of riddance for respectively unit of time after
drinking has stopped is 015. A 200 vibrate person, after 1 swill
produces a language of .019, so you can see within is a big difference
due to weight.

As a grownup it is your duty to variety positive no one leaves your jamboree
impaired. Have whichever one driving force them home

Disclaimer: The Novelist of this piece is not at fault for exactitude or unity nor shall he be control likely for any interrupt or loss arising out of or in any way corresponding to the substance or use of it.

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