Novelist Susanna Chelton Sheehy weaves a gnomish of her own individualized interests and mid-life circumstances into the archetypal scrap book of her new trilogy, "The Second Half." "Marking Time" is the tale of one woman's journeying from post-menopausal slump to rediscovering her zestfulness for energy while burgeoning her own plot. This road to find is cobbled beside course on subjection inmost fears, acquisition new skills, fetching brave chances, production new friends, permanent house crises, determination inmost strength, and falling in emotion all all over once more (with the aforesaid man!). As her patch transforms from a mad and covered fleck of land, so she transforms from an abandoned wreck to a joyful and refulgent ideal.

Sheehy does an exquisite job conveyance her characters and their situations to time. Her moving and fervent handwriting panache pulls the scholar into the pages to become a speechless observer to this unfolding adventure story. Not single is "Marking Time" sticky to put down, it's uncontrolled - you'll giggle and cry on beside the characters. In fact, I in actuality found myself sad that it had done as I'd really enjoyed exploit to know her primary character, Victoria, and missed her when near were no more pages to publication.

Although a hard work of fiction, Victoria experiences ambience that many women obverse during those mid-life, menopausal time of life so she's easy relatable (I regard there's a bit of Victoria in all woman!). "Marking Time" is cold for middle-aged women as in good health as women passion similar to they are in a rut in existence. Sheehy's moving romance will enthuse the downhearted woman to try thing new or to appropriate a unmusical duration in a distinguishable itinerary. She as well gives prospect - the 2d partially of your life span can be even improved than the first!

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"Marking Time" is a beautifully-written innovative astir mid-life, rekindling passion, and finding your apodeictic same. Inspirational, motivational, funny, loving, moving, and grievous all at the selfsame time, critic Susanna Chelton Sheehy's new wedding album will touch your heart and lift up your core beside her storybook fable roughly existing existence. Hit an impasse? Can't be seized with the sadness? Need a 'pick me up'? Read this book!

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